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Guiding Family
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We are knowledgeable and passionate guides who have devoted our lives to sharing Rome with visitors.
Our family is “local”, but with a global perspective, and we bring our appreciation for diversity to all of our tours, tailor-made for you.
Our goal is to deliver exclusive, engaging, entertaining and enriching guided tours!
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Rome Tours

Discovering Rome with your own Guiding Family is a plus! It’s you who decide how much to see, how much time to spend, and we will customise every Tour for your specific needs.
Send us an email or let’s chat to arrange what is best for you.

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Tours can be made on foot, by taxi cabs, or with a private car and driver.
We can discuss and recommend the best way to do it all!

Rome Outskirts

This section is designed for those who have more time or just want to escape the city for a morning or afternoon. Send us an email or let’s chat to arrange what is best for you.

Visiting Rome with The Guiding Family 01
guiding moments with the guiding family
Visiting Rome with The Guiding Family 03

Family Tours

This section is designed for anyone who is travelling with kids.

Let's eat!

pizza food tour the guiding family
our lovely markets with the guiding family
Our Lovely Markets with The Guiding Family 02

Part of understanding a foreign country consists in tasting its specific flavors. You may think you know italian cuisine, but there’s a lot that might surprise you! Join us in the streets of Rome for a culinary tour of authentic coffee, gelato, and pizza the way we like it, and learn everything there is to know about roman meats and vegetables, fresh pasta and, of course, the wines!

How to book your Tour

All our tours are bespoke on your requests. Send us an email or let’s chat about what you’d like to do and see in Rome, so we can arrange the perfect trip for YOU.

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