Let’s Eat!

In Rome a food tour is a unique experience not only about flavours but also about sights and sounds: the vendors’ voices at the fresh market, the spectacular window displays and let’s not forget the scents; like fresh bread just out of the oven… a food tour of Rome is a sensory overload.
Not only are we local, but we absolutely love our food, and we’ll help you taste your way through the culinary world of Rome.

During the tour, you will also learn the stories and history behind the dishes as well as local eating habits.

Because we have also lived outside Italy (UK, France, Spain, Africa) we love to discuss how Rome’s food and eating customs differ from those in other parts of the world.

Since we all have different preferences and dietary requirements we can customise your food tour: vegetarian, kosher, dairy free and celiac diet.

pizza food tour the guiding family
our lovely markets with the guiding family
Our Lovely Markets with The Guiding Family 02

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