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Ciao! Travelling can be a life-changing experience and touring with the right person is a big part of that. Here at The Guiding Family you will find knowledgeable and passionate guides who have made this job their lives. I am Silvia, and my husband Siriki and I have travelled the world and lived in different places such as Spain, France, the UK and Africa before settling in Rome, my hometown.
Our family is not only “local”, we are also citizens of the world.
It is with this perspective and a respect for differences that shape our approach to tours.
Our goal is to deliver exclusive, engaging, entertaining and enriching guided tours.
The Guiding Family: tours tailor-made for you!

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Silvia and Siriki The Guiding Family

The whole story...

We are two Licensed tour guides in Rome and have a wonderful son, Liam!

What can we tell you about us… are you ready?

Well, it started 15 years ago when I, Silvia, was a PHD student, trying to make a living in London, and Siriki was manager for a big UK company. We met and fell in love and then decided after a year together to move  to Rome, my hometown. I was already a tour guide and resumed my dream job. Siriki began his experience in the travel business as a Tour Director, leading and accompanying groups all over Europe.
When our son was born in 2015, Siriki decided to work locally and became licensed as a Tour Guide in Rome.
That’s how we became The Guiding Family!

With so many websites offering private guided tours, why should you choose us?
We strongly believe that travelling means… loosing yourself… and learning about different habits and points of view. We all live in a world where things move fast and time is tight and travelling can be unsettling or scaring sometimes.
So we help you make the most of your time in the following ways:

  • Skipping the long lines
  • Discovering special places and hidden gems in only 2-3 days
  • Leaving Google maps and apps behind. We’ll take care of that for you!

We strongly believe what makes a tour guide special is more than knowledge, but also their character, the way the tour is delivered and great communication skills. Well here we are. You found us!

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